About Referring

Referral is when you tell someone about the website. If they sign up and complete an offer the website will give you a credit towards your free product. Refer as many people as you can!

Normally, when you refer somebody, you see their e-mail address on the referral page of the website. A yellow smiley should be next to their address till they complete an offer when the smiley turns green. Only green smileys count as credits.

A referral link is how we keep track of who you have referred to this website, and therefore when you get credits. It is unique and personal to you. When someone types in, or clicks on, your referral link the website knows that it was you that gave it to them so that the website can give you credit when they sign up. If you copy-and-paste your referral link, make sure the number at the end is not changed, as this is essential for giving you credit.

Learning Tricks to get more Referrals

Send a really short generic message to a handful of people on facebook. If you were promoting your gaming link, send it to people who have "PS2" or "XBox" in their interests. Watch out: FaceBook might give you a warning for spamming!

Create a basic and easy to read poster with little business card-like papers on which a URL that forwards to your referral link (see iceglow.com). Attach these papers to the bottom of your poster so that they can be easily ripped off. Make sure you choose a good place to post this work of art. In a university it can be torn apart as a joke within the first few minutes. In a retired people's home it won't get seen... Choose well!

Go to a chatroom with loads of perverted men, pretend to be a sexy woman and promise to do stuff on cam for them if they sign up to your link and complete an offer. Then run away.

Sending e-mails to random people can work but it isn't very nice as it contributes to spam.

Send your link around in private messages on chatroom servers. Convince the people that this works by directing them to this website.

"Cash for Greens" is an effective and fast but costly way of getting referrals that complete offers. Basically, you pay somebody money like £5 via Cheque/Postage/E-Currency/Bank Transfer one they've signed up to your referral link and completed the offer. This way, you're sure to get referrals that complete the whole offer but it may cost you a bit: if you want a MacBook and you need 20 referrals for example, and that you're paying them £5 each, you'll have to pay a total of £100 just to get your laptop. That's still not bad for a Mac but it defeats the purpose of Freebie sites... This is still my favorite method though!

If you have any ideas, please contact us and we may post them! If we find your trick really good, you will get one free ad in any section you want...


The website is still in construction but it's readable : )

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