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You've probably seen loads of adverts around the internet that tell you that you can get a free iPod or that you've won a laptop for example. This sounds too good to be true, but that's because it isn't that simple. It works, but you have to follow a few steps in order to get that product you want.

On this website, you will learn in depth tactics on how to get the stuff you want for free. But first, let me make explain how you get your product:
  • You join a freebie website
  • You complete one offer
  • You get a specific number of people to join and complete one offer
First of all, you will not get spam and your details will not be sold on to other people or companies.
Secondly, offers are either free or very cheap and don't always require a credit card.
Thirdly, the number of referrals you need is quite low: for an iPod Shuffle, you need to recruit just 3 people!

So how do the freebie websites manage to pay for your products?

When you complete an offer, they get paid.
When you get your friends to join, they get paid.

If every product is worth £20 and you get 4 people to join, they are £100 up and can easily afford to send you an iPod which they buy cheaply.

I will guide you on your way to getting those free products, so if you need help, just contact me using the "Contact" page on your left.

"Pro Referring" is a little tutorial on how to get people to join the website you're offering.

"Freebie Forums" is a directory of forums that discuss freebies and freebie websites.

All the other pages are lists of freebie websites. Each pages takes on a new category.


The website is still in construction but it's readable : )

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